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This Is For You If You're Running Ads

Or THINKING About Running Ads!!

Don't Flush Your Ad Dollars Down The Toilet!

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STOP, if you don't know the answers to the questions contained in this paid advertising checklist, then chances are you will waste money!

If any of your responses are anything other than YES!, then you're not in a position to run ads that work.

They will NOT meet your expectations, because their performance will be less than satisfactory... Thus leaving you frustrated and upset PERIOD!

I'd highly suggest that you get a copy of this checklist, and give your ads a FIGHTING CHANCE to be successful!

Who Am I, And Why Should You Listen To Me?

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Hi! I'm A.Fitzgerald Hardnett, and I am the nations leading faith based revenue growth strategist for purpose driven entrepreneurs that want to grow their online income quickly!

I've spent the past 9 years in the trenches of e-commerce, to include running ads for myself and my clients plus teaching other entrepreneurs how to do the same.

All this has led me to become extremely proficient in digital marketing.

Through that experience, I have audited numerous ad accounts and seen the glaring pitfalls and common mistakes that entrepreneurs like you make, when it comes to running paid advertising!

So I created this advertising checklist.

This checklist will help both new & seasoned advertisers alike!

You see, sometimes, we get so busy that we forget the necessary basic principles that make all of advertising work.

The methodical process outlined in The Facebook™ Ads Audit Checklist has been responsible for multiple Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs, creating high-converting ads.

Without this resource, you'll risk wasting your time ⌚ with the wrong people either seeing your ads or you will have forgotten a significant piece of the advertising puzzle, which will cause performance to dip!

When that happens you will be wondering where it all went wrong.

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With it, you'll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money launching an incomplete ad ?.

I normally would provide this as a service for $297...

Instead, I am going to give you access to it,

And I'm adding the Boom Baby Dictionary Of Advertising terms,

Both of these resources will empower you to jumpstart your ads properly!

Just having this resource does three (3) things...

1) It educates and empowers you to take control of your ads

2) It, takes the place of me having to personally review your ads & ask you these same exact questions.

3) It saves you money, and saves me time!

So, this checklist is a win-win for everybody!!

It's yours...

just name your price... and it's all yours

I pray God's favor on you, in your pursuit towards advertising success.

Order and enjoy!

A.Fitzgerald Hardnett


Get The Ads Checklist PLUS The Dictionary Of Advertising Today By Paying Whatever You Want!!

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Boom Baby Advertising Kit

3 tools from Fitz's 6ix figure sales vault

This is the next step in your ad creation process...

Knowing what to say in your ads is the biggest hurdle new advertisers face!

The Boom Baby Advertiser Kit solves this & it contains…

      ● 50 High Converting Facebook Ad Headlines That Increase Conversions

      ● 10 Copy & Paste 6ix-Figure Magnetic Marketing Message Templates That Are Guaranteed To Attract Your Dream Clients & Customers

    ● 11 Actual Real Life Ad Examples that have generated over $100K in Revenue that you can deploy TODAY and start to gain traction in the marketplace!! 

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